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University rocked by sex tape allegedly involving employee

A “private video” allegedly involving a high-ranking university employee and a student having sex is rocking a university in Louisiana – and school officials are now investigating whether a cybercrime was committed. The video of a man and a woman having sex was posted to a pornographic website but has since been removed. Officials at […]

How not to blow your first orgy

So you’re going to a sex party — now what? “Don’t be the person to break up the orgy,” says Effy Blue, a sex and relationship coach living in New York City, who shares her pro tips for attending your next hedonistic affair. “You should wear to a sex party whatever you feel sexy and […]

Space sex sounds kind of gross

Looking for sex that’s out of this world? As technology rapidly advances, the concept of humans living in space could be a reality in the near future. SpaceX chief Elon Musk recently announced he wants to colonize Mars, and Virgin Galactic wants to launch people into space for vacation in its new SpaceShipTwo vehicle. If […]

Have more sex if you want to stay sharp in old age

The key to staying sharp when you’re older is as simple as slipping between the sheets, according to a new study. Researchers found that older people who had sex more often than others had increased brain power — scoring better on verbal, visual and spatial perception tests. The study was published Wednesday by The Journals […]

Erotic massage Bucharest – top salons in town

In Bucharest erotic massage services are very popular. Many people apply for this type of services to solve the lack of tenderness and eroticism. We recommend : masaj erotic, masaj erotic, masaj erotic, masaj erotic Usually people have a wrong impression, thinking that this service involves sexual contact, but in reality both the masseuse and […]

Sex Toy Sales and What I Have Learned From Selling Them

I haven’t been selling sex toys all that long. I have had a lot of fun doing it and have been making some good money from it. I have also learned a lot from those that come to my sex toy parties. Here are a few things I have learned: There are still quite a […]

Best Sex You’ve Ever Had

Judging from my long time experience as a tantric sex coach, it seems to me that most people at some point in their lives have a sexual experience that could be called transcendental or mystical, or simply “out of this world” wonderful. This special sexual experience could have taken place with a partner or on […]

Why Do Men Go to Sleep After Having Sex

One of the most common sexual problems between men and women is that men tend to go to sleep very soon after sex, a time when most women want to cuddle and/or talk. Of course, this is not true in all relationships, but it is true in more relationships than not. In addition to being […]

Sex In America: How Can We Get More People To Talk About Sex?

Lets talk about how people can openly talk about sex without thinking that sex is taboo. Sex is part of every day normal life for people. Talking about problems that affects our sex lives will help deal with problems that develop with couples. Talking about our sex lives will help settle some of the myths […]

Sharon Osbourne’s niece sobs after stripper put his penis on her head

“X Factor” judge Sharon Osbourne has revealed she ruined her niece’s hen party after a stripper she booked got out of control — prompting the bride-to-be to break down in tears. The mom of three, 64, told how she encouraged the male dancer to get up close and intimate with her brother’s daughter ahead of […]