Sex In America: How Can We Get More People To Talk About Sex?


Lets talk about how people can openly talk about sex without thinking that sex is taboo. Sex is part of every day normal life for people. Talking about problems that affects our sex lives will help deal with problems that develop with couples. Talking about our sex lives will help settle some of the myths each of us has about sex. Sex is for enjoyment between two people that are involved with each other or married which ever you prefer. Talking with your partner or mate about what you like most will break the ice between the two of you. Take the time to find out what each of you enjoy doing the most and life will take it from there. Being honest in any sexual relationship will let each of you know exactly what your partner enjoys you doing most.I believe that love plays the most important part of two peoples sex life.

Sharing your thoughts openly about what turns you on the most will keep your sex life active and satisfying. Learn as much as you can about your partners sexual likes this will keep you both open to each others ideas about sex. I believe that foreplay is most important in keeping your sex life healthy and active. Take the time to learn about each others body this way both of you will know what makes the other happy.I think each partner should choose a place where they would most like to have sex then you are always making your surroundings different. Working together will only improve your joy and pleasure you will achieve with each other. Extended foreplay will keep your sex act last longer then usual this should make you both more satisfied. This will also keep your sex life more healthy and satisfying.

Sharing your sexual fantasies with each other will open your sex life to more possibilities to achieve orgasm. Sexual fantasy is a way to keep your sex life growing and full for both of you.Talking to your mate about what you think about sexually will show your mate the trust you have in keeping this a long term relationship. Taking turns acting out each others sexual fantasies will keep your sex life from becoming boring.I believe that openly talking about what each person enjoys most sexually will keep your sex life more satisfying for each of you.

Experimenting with different sexual positions will let you know what is more arousing for each of you during your love making. Sharing different sexual positions make sure that you both find positions that are most comfortable and arousing for both partners. Always work with your mate to keep your sex life growing and changing this will keep your sex life active and fulfilling. Talking to each other will keep your love life honest.

Trying out different types of food and oils will raise your sexual level even more. I find that fruits are usually the best to use they taste good and the cold will keep you sexually going. sexually stimulating each other with foods will prolong your orgasm. Using sexually arousing oil will make every part of your body sensitive to the touch. Using all parts of each others body will massage will extend the sexual moment for both of you. Taking time to revel in each others bodies will help to prolong your love making. Using ice will not only stimulate you sexually it will bring every nerve in your body alive.

Take your time with your partner sexually will slowly build up your climax. Making your lover happy sexually takes time to get to know just what works for both partners. Teaching each other about what arouses your body will let your partner learn exactly what excites you sexually. Sharing time just talking about what turns you on sexually will not only arouse you both but you will share an honest relationship sexually.

Making sure that the mood is set for your partner sexually will show your tenderness. Have dinner by candle light just to get started . Dance to very slow sexual music will help create the right mood with your partner. Kissing is the most important part of making the mood right for both of you. Make sure that you start with short wet kisses to get you both in the mood. using different tastes will also help while you are kissing the taste will stimulate both of you. Wine fruits are usually the best to leave that different taste in your partners mouth. Using your taste buds can also stimulate you both sexually.Go from short wet kisses to long stimulating kisses just share each others smell and taste can make you ready.Talking to each other about what you like sexually about how your mate looks will help make you both as easy with each other.

Sharing orgasm is what all couples want to have with each other. You must both work at this first to get sex out in the open to talk on what stimulates you both. Orgasm will come if you both help each other to understand what turns you on the most. Kissing and exploring each others bodies will get you going in the right direction. Playing sexual games can also stimulate you both sexually. Prolonging your love making in different ways will make your orgasm stronger. Love making is a commitment by two people that really know each other both personally and sexually. Covering every different form of sexual stimulation will prolong your love making. Always make each time you make love different from the first. Use all your different senses to sexually arouse you both. Sometimes just that certain way you look at your mate will set the mood for you both.

Keeping your sex life active is talking and working to better get to know as much as you can about stimulating your partner in many different ways. Mostly enjoying each other sexually with every sense in your body will intensify your orgasms together.

I believe the more people openly talk to their sexual partner the better sex will be. Always practice safe sex no matter who you are with. Let your imaginations go wild sexually to please your mate. Keeping your sex life different will keep you happy both sexually and physically. What we do in our own private lives sexually is limitless as long as lovers all talk and commit to each other. As always I write with respect for all people

My name is Mike Carvell of the voice i hope that this will be read by all publishers and that they agree with me that we need a voice for change I believe that if we all work together we can change so many problems that face our country today.I believe that if you put your column and respect on the line that we can all make this column a voice for all people I mean all people. Tell me what you want changed and i will keep this column honest direct and to the point with the commitment you need to affect change. Once again I need your respect help and commitment to make this accomplishment possible.I not only believe in all Americans but the rights and respect of you all to make this commitment for which I will write with all honesty and respect and power that i can to prove this to you. This is my column and only my column I will do all the writing with respect to all those of you who put your trust and commitment into this column now and in the future. I will be columns as many as i can on as many subjects that I can with respect for all my future work thank you.

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